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The Main Characters in ‘The Witcher,’ Ranked by Power



the witcher

The Witcher premiered its highly-anticipated third season, putting an end to the show’s first iteration. Henry Cavill returns to the role of Geralt one last time, opposite Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan as Yennefer and Ciri, with the story exploring the three characters’ unique bond as they unite to protect Ciri from the many threats chasing her.

Like other fantasy showsThe Witcher has several powerful characters fighting to stay alive in an increasingly dangerous world. From mages to warriors and, of course, witchers, these figures possess impressive abilities that make them considerable threats, even if some are not fully in control of their powers. Experience goes a long way, and the most powerful characters in The Witcher have years and, in some cases, decades of practice. Still, some figures have innate power running through their veins, making for difficult but undeniably interesting to determine who is the most powerful being on the Continent. Follow us on Facebook for more

the witcher

10 Cahir

Played by Eamon Farren

Image via Netflix

Known as the “Black Knight” for most of the first season, Cahir is one of the show’s de facto antagonists. He is a Nilfgaardian commander tasked with invading Cintra and capturing Ciri; however, while he succeeds in the former, he fails in the latter, leading to his fall from grace in the eyes of Emperor Emhyr. He spends much of season 3 serving the Emperor, but his final scenes reveal he has finally begun the long journey to redemption.

Cahir is a great warrior, but that’s about it. He can hold his own with a sword and is a considerable foe on the battlefield. Still, his abilities fall short in the complicated world of The Witcher, where magic rules, savage monsters lurk on every corner, and treacherous mages vie for absolute control. Cahir has a knack for staying alive, but he would be out of his depth in a battle against some of the show’s best fighters.

09 Istredd

Played by Royce Pierreson

the witcher
Image via Netflix

Istredd is Yennefer’s young love, a mage she meets at Aretuza. The two form a deep bond before separating, each following a unique path. Istredd is curious about the Continent’s history and is more knowledgeable about the land’s past than most of the show’s main players. He ranks among the most intelligent figures in the show, but his fighting prowess leaves something to be desired.

Although the show spends little time exploring his magic, Istredd is a well-known and respected figure in the magical community. Istredd is also clever and wise, and in the Continent, knowledge is power. Thus, Istredd is among the most significant players in The Witcher‘s long game, even if his magical abilities pale in comparison to that of the newly-formed Lodge of Sorceresses. His fate after the Thanedd Coup is among the most pressing unanswered questions from The Witcher season 3, but he will surely keep playing a pivotal role in the story.

08 Fringilla

Played by Mimi M. Khayisa

the witcher
Image via Netflix

One of Yennefer’s fellow students at Aretuza, Fringilla gets the short end of the stick when Yen steals her spot at Aedern, condemning her to a future in Nilfgaard. She becomes radicalized in the empire, serving Emperor Emhyr and actively plotting against the Northern Kingdoms. Following her failure, she becomes imprisoned and joins the elves after escaping, becoming a close ally of Francesca.

Fringilla is clever and powerful, and while her magic isn’t as strong as Yennefer’s, she is more ruthless and cunning. Fringilla is also among The Witcher‘s fan-favorite characters due to her shifting and resourceful nature. She might not be among the Continent’s most powerful sorcerers, but sheer might isn’t everything, especially in a world like The Witcher‘s, where everyone seems to hide an ace up their sleeves.

07 Francesca

Played by Mecia Simson

the witcher
Image via Netflix

The Witcher novels are weird, rich, and expansive, juggling many powerful characters. However, the Netflix show makes several substantial changes to the source material, and Francesca is one of the main victims. The live-action Francesca is the queen of the elves, the de-facto leader of the Scoia’tael, and a powerful sorceress introduced in Season 2. Obsessed with recovering Xin’trea for her people, she becomes increasingly radicalized, even while sustaining severe losses.

Unlike the books, where Francesa is among the mightiest sorcerers on the Continent, her television counterpart is considerably weaker and far less imposing. However, Francesca remains among the most powerful magical beings in the Continent, capable of launching a proper attack on Aretuza. She isn’t on par with Tissaia or Yen but is still capable enough to fight them and give them a run for their money.

06 Triss

Played by Anna Shaffer

the witcher season 4
Image via Netflix

In The Witcher books and the games, Triss Merigold is among the most powerful sorceresses. However, her character has yet to show such vast ability in Netflix’s adaptation. The live-action Triss is by no means a pushover, renowned in the Continent for her kind disposition and considerable magical ability. She is a remarkable tutor and a valuable ally, highly regarded within and far beyond the walls of Aretuza.

Still, the show’s Triss seems limited by her empathy, choosing to restrain her powers rather than let them rage on as Tissaia and Yen do. She remains one of the most powerful witches on television, but her role in the show is smaller; thus, her abilities are seldom showcased, and the true extent of her power remains unknown. Season 4 would do well to expand her role, especially now that Yen is back at Aretuza, allowing for more time to explore the Lodge of Sorceresses.

05 Geralt

Played by Henry Cavill (The Witcher)

Image via Netflix

Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of The Witcher. A highly skilled warrior and witcher known as the Butcher of Blaviken, Geralt is infamous throughout the Continent for his ability with the sword. Quiet and brooding, Geralt keeps to himself, choosing only to engage with others when collecting the coin he earns by killing dangerous monsters.

It’s safe to say Geralt is the most powerful witcher alive and one of television’s best fantasy heroes. He has his kind’s unique abilities, making him an infallible warrior and spell caster. Geralt is no match for powerful sorcerers, but he can hold his own in battle and outsmart them. The show has proven numerous times that he is a mighty fighter, and while he is not a sorcerer, he has no problem taking them on.

04 Tissaia

Played by MyAnna Buring

Image via Netflix

Tissaia de Vries is the rectrix at Aretuza and Yennefer’s biggest supporter. The two share a unique and often confrontational bond coming from a place of mutual respect and affection. Tissaia is stern and cold but cares deeply about Yen, defending her against others. They have one of the best mother-daughter relationships on television, layered and complicated by their overly strong and stubborn personalities.

As the leader of Aretuza and an influential member of the magic community, Tissaia is among the most powerful sorceresses on the Continent. She is arguably the mightiest of all sorceresses, surpassed only by Yennefer’s wild, untapped power. Tissaia has proven her considerable magical ability numerous times, although she often opts for a more restrained approach.

03 Yennefer

Played by Anya Chalotra

Image via Netflix

One of the most badass women in fantasy, Yenenfer of Vengerberg is among The Witcher‘s most interesting characters. She possesses raw hidden power, which Tissaia instantly notices, and has Elven ancestry, making her a formidable sorceress. Yennefer is bonded by destiny to Geralt and Ciri, and while she fought hard to resist those connections, season 3 finally saw her give in to them, acknowledging Geralt as her true love and Ciri as her daughter.

Yennefer can also handle the highly volatile fire magic better than others, bending chaos to her will and displaying significant outbursts of raw power that make her a massive threat in battle. Yennefer is the most powerful sorceress in The Witcher. Although she lacks the maturity and control of her mentor, Tissaia, she is on her way to achieving it, especially now that she’s seemingly the de-facto leader of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

02 Vilgefortz

Played by Mahesh Jadu

the witcher
Image via Netflix

Vilgefortz is a tricky character. Season 1 introduces him as a charming but secretive member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, although his treacherous nature soon becomes apparent. Season 2 builds him up as a romantic interest for Tissaia, while Season 3 pulls a surprising twist about his intentions. Revealed to be the mastermind behind the coup and Rience’s pursuit of Ciri, Vilgefortz leaves considerable pain and destruction in his wake.

So far, The Witcher has shown little about Vilgerfortz’s true power, but what little it has revealed seems to be respecting the books regarding his abilities. Vilgefortz is the most powerful sorcerer on the Continent and a formidable combatant capable of besting Geralt in hand-to-hand combat. Vilgefortz is a mighty enemy, acting as a major obstacle for Geralt, Ciri, and Yen and adding a layer of complexity that makes The Witcher one of the best fantasy shows on television.

02 Ciri

Played by Freya Allan

Image via Netflix

The Witcher is one of the best fantasy adaptations on television because of its sprawling world populated by fascinating and compelling characters. Ciri is one such figure, an incredibly powerful child of Elder Blood destined to bring great destruction to the Continent.

Ciri’s overwhelming abilities have been clear from day one. She is an infallible character, whether she’s eviscerating entire armies with her raw power, opening portals to other spheres, or fighting monsters in direct combat. Ciri is not perfect; she’s still learning — Season 3 is all about her learning to control her magic. However, everyone knows about her abilities and their great potential. Ciri is The Witcher‘s most fascinating and potentially devastating figure, and season 4 will likely explore her darker side. Check New Movies Update


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Aquaman 2

An international poster for Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom sees the King of the Seven Seas and his seahorse Storm leading an army.

The King of the Seven Seas and his seahorse Storm lead the charge in an international poster for Aquaman 2 and the Lost Kingdom.

The poster in question sees Aquaman and Storm — who was first seen in The Lost Kingdom‘s teaser — in the center, with Aquaman carrying the Trident of Atlan. Behind them are Atlantean soldiers riding their own sea creatures, such as sharks and other seahorses. Also seen on the poster is Japanese text, which covers the top and bottom, the latter of which covers the Aquaman logo and is next to a number “2.”

Aquaman 2: James Wan Confirms Big Change To One Of The Villains


Regarding the goofier elements of The Lost Kingdom, returning director James Wan noted that he has “never been shy of leaning weird.” Wan went on to add, “Very early on, when I was given a few properties to look at, I picked this one because I felt like I could really lean into that quirkiness, that weirdness, and have fun with it.”

“Seeing how much people enjoyed that in the first film gave me more confidence to lean into that in this one,” he concluded. “The trailer doesn’t quite touch on it, but there [are] a lot of really quirky underwater characters in this one.”

Tying into this, Wan also proclaimed that Topo the octopus is “a real character” in The Lost Kingdom, commenting that he’s a big part of the Marine Monarch’s life in the comics. “It was really fun to watch [Jason Momoa] ‘act’ with Topo,” Wan continued. “Sometimes we would have an actor standing in by ‘muppeting’ a goofy stick puppet – watching Jason play off that was so funny. I think people are going to enjoy Arthur [Curry] and Topo’s relationship.”

Aquaman 2 Will Have Dark Elements

However, not everything in the movie is going to be silly, as Wan recently touched upon The Lost Kingdom‘s horror elements, stating, “There was an element of horror in the first [Aquaman] film. But this second movie definitely has more of that. [Things like Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion monsters, Planet of the Vampires and old school Euro-horror] became the design foundation. The Lost Kingdom has a very retro, ’60s horror look.”

Wan has dubbed The Lost Kingdom a “bromance action adventure,” as the film will chronicle the tense dynamic between Momoa’s Arthur Curry and Orm. The narrative differs from the 2018 original film, which was more focused on the bond between Arthur and Heard’s Mera. Heard has a reduced role in the Warner Bros. flick, which Wan said was the plan all along, though there have been rumors that the Depp case and her testimony about her involvement were the real reason.

“I always pitched this to everyone from the get-go,” Wan told Entertainment Weekly about the sequel, noting it was always supposed to focus on Arthur’s releationship with Orm (Patrick Wilson). “The first Aquaman was Arthur and Mera’s journey. The second movie was always going to be Arthur and Orm. So, the first was a romance action-adventure movie, the second one is a bromance action-adventure movie. We’ll leave it at that.”

Similarly, Wan hinted that The Lost Kingdom would have a “more serious” tone, and deals with issues like climate change. Concerning that aspect, he said the production team “is not afraid to lean into that in a big way, because the Aquaman comic book, even way back when, has always been environmentally conscious.”

The Lost Kingdom will feature a Batman cameo, though not from Ben Affleck’s iteration of the Gotham City protector, as confimed by Wan. The sequel could be Momoa’s last as the underwater Atlantean king amid rumors he’s set to ditch the character and play Lobo in the new-look DCU.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom opens in theaters on Dec. 22, 2023.

Source: Warner Bros.

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